When it comes to an event´s success, event organizers always mention the importance of offering a mobile app for higher participants satisfaction. So we here at b2match kept that on top of our list when thinking of new ways to improve our event management & matchmaking services.

Quickly it was clear that we needed to come up with a powerful app, that would not only deliver all the information of the organizers´ events, but also enhance the participants´ matchmaking process.

We are proud to announce another powerful tool in our Event Management Toolbox - The b2match App

After 38 intensive interviews with current clients and event participants the 7 most important features of the brand-new b2match app were clear:

  1. Accessing Multiple Events
  2. Schedule & Manage B2B Meetings On-site
  3. Event Information
  4. Personal Agenda Including B2B Meetings
  5. Browsing Other Attendees´ Profiles
  6. Updates & Notifications
  7. Offline Availability

Test the b2match app at your next event!

We are currently offering a limited amount of slots for testing the app pre-launch - for no additional charges! If you are interested in trying out the b2match app at your next event, please send us an email to sales@b2match.com

In our next blog post we will cover the launch date, pricing and further updates about the b2match mobile app.

Your b2match Team